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Taste Delicious Cuisine in Viet Nam

Taste Delicious Cuisine in Viet Nam

With spacious airy space is designed in classic style palace architecture bearing on bass tones Predominantly furniture including wooden floor, wooden ceilings, wooden window frames, wooden dining table to the textures restaurants are decorated in bold ethnic soul. Suitable for those who love novelty. TUN Travel Vietnam the harmonious combination of modern architecture and luxurious style to create a comfortable, relaxing when diners are watching and manually select the new dishes and taste for themselves, with the modern amenities: Wi-Fi, air conditioning, parking cars and motorcycles free care, paid in cash, ATM card or visa. The restaurant is open from 11h - 14h and 18h to 22h. The restaurant can accommodate about 320 guests, suitable for placing party, birthday, conference or family meal.

Coming to Vietnam Buffet diners can enjoy dishes with unique flavors of the cuisine that features three regions of Vietnam, not only that here also serves good food culture of Chinese cuisine , or taste Japanese cuisine and also dishes from Italy, Brazil .... Extensive menu of the restaurant with nearly 90 dishes change 2 weeks / processing times through the hands of the original celebrity chef experience: soups, cold dishes, hot dishes, seafood barbecue buffet , hot stew dish, vegetable dish, rice dish + dessert + soup noodles ...

make the customers satisfied. Also the restaurant has à la carte menu with over 200 dishes made from materials freshest food will give customers more choices in line with their preferences. Along rich drinks menu with cocktails, signature mocktail and many fine imported wines. One thing at you here again after you finish the dishes enjoyed in town, you can buy fresh seafood are shrimp, crab, crab, fish, octopus living in Japan, raw oysters Canada , red clams, mussels, shrimp, crab, clams ...... right at the top floor of the restaurant. With a team of enthusiastic staff, are trained, specialized nghiep.cac diversified dishes arranged and furnished in a buffet in the order, including selected delicacies and quality with moderate prices 150000-180000 VND / person will surely satisfy every guests coming to Vietnamese Buffet.